Your solutions provider for the wind sector.

Isati is a recognized engineering provider for the wind sector.​ Isati´s expertise in design and stress has been applied on some of the most important wind turbines developed and installed around the world. ​

Isati offers engineering services for onshore and offshore wind turbines.

Isati also provides optimization and maintenance solutions for already installed wind turbines as well as to improve the performance of existing designs.​

Isati has over 15 years of experience in:

  • Engineering consultancy.
  • Product development:
    • Mechanical design.
    • Advanced simulation: Structural analysis and modelling by finite elements.
  • Quality management and blade maintenance:
    • Product support.
    • Definition of repairs.
    • Technical audits.
  • Material and Process Engineering:
    • Material and process qualification.
    • Failure analysis
    • Process optimization
    • Test and analysis

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