With the implementation of the SIGPA project, a global solution will be designed for the control inspection, monitoring, and repair operations of wind turbine blades in onshore and offshore wind farms in order to reduce maintenance costs focusing on a maintenance based on the real condition of the blade.

The overall objetive of the project is to design a complete information management system that will allow to carry out shovel inspections and audits in a simple way, guided and reviewed by technicians without the need to make cumbersome final reports a posteriori and to store in a server all the necessary information for consultation by the client who can in addition to obtaining the inspection reports evaluate fully customizable historical data as well as download all the information he/she deems appropriate (Photos, attchments, reports, tables, etc.).

The platform will also be able to import data from any other type of application or data collection system used by the different inspection or repair companies on the market, in order to unify in a single database the different terminologies used when naming and quantifying defects and thus obtain real indicators of the problems of each type of blande.

Likewise, new systems for inspection and monitoring of blades in the wind farm will be designed to control different components and characteristics that nowadays do not present reliable standardized solutionsw with the aim of anticipating the evolution of defects in many cases with catastrophic consequences thanks to the integration of such monitoring with the information from the inspections carried out and subsequent processing of all this data by means of the use of artificial intelligence models and algorithms based on the company´s experience in the wind power industry.

With the collaboration of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

Funded by European Union -Next Generation EU


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