ISATI MATERIALS SOLUTIONS S.L., Engineering of advanced services and new technologies in the field of Materials and Processes, has as its mission the verification, validation and homologation of processes and/or designs. It is our binding commitment to fulfil the requirements of our clients, the legal and regulatory requirements that may affect us, as well as ensuring the continuous improvement of the quality of our services.

Our company vision is to become leaders in the engineering and materials laboratory sector and its related processes, therefore guaranteeing customer satisfaction and, in general, that of all parties involved in our activity, will be critical. That’s why we believe that implementing a Quality Management System, based on UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2017 standards will be an effective tool to help us achieve high quality levels in our service, guarantee the validity of our results and implement the continuous improvement of our activities.

In order to achieve all of the above, our actions are aimed at:

  • Ensuring that our SERVICES are carried out PROPERLY.
  • Detecting, studying and solving problems with a PREVENTIVE approach.
  • Providing the BEST SERVICE TO OUR CUSTOMERS, so that their NEEDS AND EXPECTATIONS are fully covered at all times.
  • Management’s binding commitment to promoting the FULL DEVELOPMENT AND INTEGRATION OF OUR STAFF in our business project and their involvement in the System. Motivation, education and training will be our tools for the improvement and development of our team across all levels.
  • Reacting quickly to any possible COMPLAINTS, CLAIMS OR NON-CONFORMITIES that may arise while carrying out our activity.
  • Ensuring the validity and quality of our results by PARTICIPATING IN INTERCOMPARISON TESTS so that all tests included within the scope of accreditation are covered.
  • Establishing ANNUAL OBJECTIVES and TRACKING them, using the INDICATORS provided by Management, as well as INFORMING all areas of the company about said indicators, an aspect considered a fundamental part of developing the Management System.

The Management of ISATI MATERIALS assumes the responsibility of implementing a Management System in all its areas, comprehensively and with the authority to ensure the involvement and systematic and disciplined adaptation, as well as the commitment, of all personnel with the requirements therein, and to this end:

  • It will provide the necessary means, within easy reach.
  • It will, at all times, maintain an internal environment so that personnel can be fully involved in achieving the established objectives.
  • It will establish a fact-based approach to decision-making and action.
  • It will take into account any contribution, both internal and external, surrounding continuous improvement and the improvement of our customer service.