The ISATI MATERIALS SOLUTIONS S.L. Laboratory is an independent entity that applies a policy of total transparency in its actions and that safeguards the integrity, impartiality and independence of its activities by regularly identifying and analysing any risk related to its activities or relationships, including the relationships of its personnel.

If any risk is detected that endangers the integrity, impartiality and independence of the laboratory, the Management will implement effective measures aimed at preventing the aforementioned conflicts from harming the interests of end users, customers and any other interested party.

In order to guarantee independence, impartiality and integrity, the following criteria have been established within the general policies of the organisation:

  • The Management guarantees the necessary resources for the Laboratory to carry out its activities in a safe environment and in an impartial and structured manner, guaranteeing the quality of its results. A Quality Management System has therefore been established to control the tests, aside from the legislative, regulatory and/or customer compliance involved in the Laboratory’s activities. Laboratory workers must meet the requirements established in the System, being sure to provide a quality service.
  • The Laboratory is responsible for managing all information obtained or elaborated while carrying out the Laboratory’s activities. For this reason, the exchange of information between competent persons participating in activities that entail a risk of conflict of interest is prohibited, when said exchange could be detrimental to the interests of one or more clients.
  • All Laboratory staff, both in-house and subcontracted, must be aware of the criteria herein prior to starting their duties, and must carry out their activities impartially, ensuring that commercial, financial and other pressures do not compromise their impartiality.
  • The information or data obtained by the Laboratory concerning a client is considered confidential and will not be disclosed in any way to third parties, without the written consent of the client involved. Likewise, any information about a client obtained from sources other than the client themselves will be confidential between the client and the Laboratory, maintaining the confidentiality of the source itself.
  • All Laboratory staff, both in-house and subcontracted, must undertake in writing to maintain the confidentiality of all information, which is not in the public domain, that they become aware of while carrying out their duties for the Laboratory within its scope of action.
  • When, by legal requirement, some information needs to be disclosed to a third party, the Laboratory will inform the client of the information that is to be supplied, when permitted by law.
  • Any person from the Laboratory, in-house or subcontracted, who detects pressure of any kind that they consider may negatively influence the results of their work, will notify the Management, who will treat said notification as a complaint and follow the protocols established for this purpose in the Quality Management System.

The Management of ISATI MATERIALS SOLUTIONS S.L. will ensure compliance with this Policy and the principles established therein, and encourages all its staff to actively adhere to said compliance.

In Vitoria, on the 10th of January, 2022