Being committed to innovation is a priority in order to guarantee sustainability, efficiency and competitiveness, to allow the company to maintain and increase the satisfaction of its clients, while also increasing its actual number of clients.

According to the provisions in our Vision, this Innovation Policy aims to define and disseminate the strategy that allows the company to be a steadfast piece in the machinery of the aeronautical and wind power sectors, collaborating in the transition towards a more ecological, accessible and healthy energy model.

Isati sees innovation as an open process because it considers itself a company that aims to become a promoter of technology and, as such, to involve its clients, collaborators and technology providers in its innovation process, including universities and technology centres.

Isati’s objective is to promote a business model based on knowledge and innovation, which allows it to improve the services it provides to its clients and create new products based on its knowledge of market needs. In this regard, Isati’s policy follows the principles of seeking excellence, building the company’s research capacity, attracting and retaining talent and the participation of all the actors involved in the research and innovation processes, including collaborations with research centres, universities, scientific societies and clients.

The innovative activity at Isati focuses on creating and/or improving the products and services that our clients need. By using the company’s internal talent and knowledge of the needs of the companies it works with, Isati is able to propose research projects that allow it to carry out its commercial activity with the exploitation of new products and/or services relevant to the aeronautical and wind sectors, in particular. In this sense, we work both to create and lead our own projects as well as supporting other companies with theirs.

The Policy is based on the following principles of action:

  1. Promoting research, development and innovation (R&D+i) activities, revolving around efficiency in the continuous optimisation of the company’s business operations and the reduction of operating costs, as well as developing new products and services that respond to our clients’ needs.
  2. Keeping the Company up-to-date with new technologies and disruptive business models, providing the company with access to new markets and lines of business.
  3. Encouraging an “innovative culture” that permeates the entire organisation and promotes motivating work environments that favour and reward brainstorming and innovative practices by professionals, accepting the implicit risk and acknowledging creative contributions.
  4. Promoting innovation in collaboration with clients and collaborators in an aim to develop new disruptive business models, favouring the exchange of knowledge and fostering a driving effect between them.
  5. Encouraging collaborations and alliances with the academic, intellectual and technological world through connections that make it possible to multiply the company’s innovative capacity.
  6. Integrating innovation into the training content of the company’s partners through specific courses and programmes to develop creativity-based skills.
  7. Implementing an innovation management system that includes establishing annual goals and objectives within a continuous improvement procedure, managing the company’s human and intellectual capital as essential support for the entire creative and innovative process.
  8. Promoting a technological surveillance system that makes it possible to identify opportunities and challenges for the company’s businesses and detect the need for innovation in processes or services, allowing it to anticipate technological changes and new market requirements and risks.
  9. Internally disseminating the knowledge generated, so that professionals are aware of the best practices applicable to their activity in the search for efficiency and effectiveness in the company’s processes.
  10. Protecting the results of the innovation process, properly and ethically managing intellectual and industrial property which, in any case, will imply respecting the rights of this nature owned by third parties.
  11. Promoting innovations that provide added value for clients and increasing the satisfaction of partners, professionals and other stakeholders.

With this, we aim to increase our clients and workers’ satisfaction, proving our ability to offer a service with high added value, innovation and quality, in harmony with the environment and with the permanent commitment to protecting the health and safety of our workers.

In order to guarantee these principles, we will comply with the applicable legal requirements in force and with those acquired voluntarily through our Management System, which must be implemented, maintained and documented based on prevention rather than correction.”